SPECTRUM The Unofficial eBook [Work in Progress]

So, I spent three whole days going through every section of every chapter of this (as of posting this) over half a million-word story. I hope you appreciate it, cause it was painful. My right elbow is still red from sitting on the armrest for hours on end.

Friday, Dec 24th, 2021: Up to date with the latest chapter published in January 2021.

Tuesday, Jan 4th, 2022: If you want to download from here, that’s fine. Just know I am starting the project over completely with different software as I’ve had far too many problems the first time around. No ETA at the moment, but it will only consist of acts 1 and 2. At least until act 3 has been finished.

I will only update for these reasons:

  • Someone points out an error.
  • An act has been completed.
  • If the Spectrum Crew asks me to change something.

If you notice an error, please email me and I will get to it as soon as I can.

I have made the following changes and additions:

  • A more eBook friendly cover.
  • Changed acts to books.
  • The two separators used on the Fimfiction publishing appeared to be used sporadically, so I now use a single quad-diamond (❖) symbol.
  • Removed the tildes (~) from location and time headings.
  • Replaced North, South, East, and West with compass symbols above location headings.

You may notice how there is no printed table of contents. This is because the page title and table were getting split into two separate pages for some reason. Until I can find a fix for that, just use your app or device’s table of contents view.

If you own an eInk Kindle like an Oasis or the Paperwhite, I highly suggest using the KFX format as it is arguably superior and respects the formatting the best. That, and the fact that eInk Kindles count pages based on the physical copy of a book. KFX can generate page numbers for a somewhat accurate estimation of which page you’re on.

If you own an eInk Kindle and it doesn’t look right, use the file formatted for your device. If your device is not listed, please email me and I will export a version formatted for your device.

Generic EPUB 

Works with most non-Kindle devices.

Quad-diamond and compass are glyph and vectors respectively.
DO NOT CONVERT for Kindle. The compasses won’t appear as Kindle does not support SVG.

Note: one of the fonts currently isn’t loading after running through Calibre. I’m working on a fix.

Generic AZW3 

Recommended for Kindle Fire.

Generic KFX 

Recommended for eInk Kindles.

Device Specific KFX

2021 Kindle Paperwhite and Newer 

2017 Kindle Oasis and Newer 

I’d recommend using Calibre to manage your eBook library. You can download it here.

My only complaint with Calibre is it lacks automatic updates, so you’ll need to update manually by downloading the latest version from their website. They update pretty often, so it gets annoying. Other than that, Calibre is great.

If Calibre doesn’t recognize or transfer the KFX file, then you’ll need to install the KFX Input and/or KFX Output plugins first.